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What I learned in one trip

is like a thousand volumes

 of poetry

Six volumes of books on travel in Taiwan

A journey through the mountains, the sea, the countryside, and the city

Embark on a Journey from the Heart

Return with Stories Etched into Your Heart

Travel in the name of "learning" to truly appreciate the beauty of Taiwan
Rewarding for the body, mind,
soul, and intellect.
A break from the distractions of life
and work
Savor captivating stories from Taiwan

A trip to Taiwan in the name of “learning” will not only present the refined beauty of Taiwan, but also rewards the body, mind, soul and intellect. Through six days and six thematic chapters, travelers are invited to take a break and escape the distractions of life and work and savor the fascinating story of Taiwan.

A six-day trip to experience the mountains, sea, countryside and cities of Taiwan, 

just like the twists and turns of an enthralling story

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T.Q. Golden Award Travel Itinerary

T.Q. Golden Award Travel Itinerary

 Inbound Travel from Mainland China to Taiwan

T.Q. Golden Award Travel Itinerary

Inbound Travel

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Taiwan Tour has more than 20 years of rich experience in cross-strait professional exchange and professional visa services. We offer VIPs tailored travel itineraries and a variety of thematic festivals for endless fun. We have been recognized with major awards over successive years, and are designated as a travel agency partner by more than 20 of the Top 100 companies in Taiwan. We are proud to provide our customers with the most knowledgeable way to travel in Taiwan!

The art of travel in taiwan

Experience the twists and turns of the story of Taiwan in six volumes of travel books

Day 01

Heart of Enlightenment

A new realm, a journey from the heart
A warm up for the journey, visit key landmarks to get to know Taiwan 

 Before arriving, what was your impression of Taiwan? From the first arrival in Taiwan, the change of environment is also a change of mindset. The most anticipated must-see scenic spots in Taiwan, such as the National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, and Din Tai Fung… Get to know Taiwan in a relaxed and carefree tune, opening the chapter for the next few days of the trip.


Day 02

Sea Chapter

Calm your heart and contemplate the power of the sea — — A glimpse of the northern coastline, which was carved by the sea and coexists in harmony with the sea

The day’s journey meanders along the northern coastline of Taiwan. At the beginning of the day, we shall arrive at Heping Island Park to visit the sustainable island and experience how local Keelung fishermen coexist in harmony with the sea. Next, we shall head to Yehliu Geopark, where you can see the special terrain masterfully carved by sea erosion and witness the power of the ocean’s creation. Before sunset, we shall embrace the gentleness of the sea at a seaside café in Waimushan to enjoy a hot drink and marvel at the beauty of the sun setting over the sea.


Day 03


Look back and enjoy the lush green mountains.
Welcome to the mountains of Taiwan. Take the Old Mountain Line Railway

The small island of Taiwan is one of the most densely populated islands in the world; the constant challenge of living with the land has cultivated the distinct indomitable spirit of Taiwan’s culture. We invite you to the mountains of Taiwan to experience the lessons of nature. Then, we head to FUGUEI Peony Museum Sanyi Branch for an enriching experience for the body and mind. The museum masterfully integrates art, nature, architecture, and the humanities. Afterward, we will take you to the mountain viewing platform for a panoramic view, and listen to the exclusive arrangement of guzheng music, perfect for mindful contemplation on the way back. Then we will take you to the Old Mountain Line for a cycling ride to experience the feeling of living in harmony with the mountains of Taiwan.

Day 04

Countryside Chapter

Hometown of tea: resonating with the heart
A cup of boba pearl milk tea reveals the story of Taiwan tea culture

Starting with the story of a cup of the famous boba pearl milk tea, we trace the roots of tea, from the plantation, the tea production process to the tea ceremony, and lead our guests to an intriguing history lesson of Taiwan through tea. Starting with a cup of boba pearl milk tea at Wuchun Tea Hall, a popular tea store in Taichung, we searched for the origin of premium quality tea in Taiwan, and came to the only township in Taiwan that does not face the sea but has the largest lake. We visit Sun Moon Lake to explore pure mountain spring water free from pollution, which nourishes and gives birth to the best tea in Taiwan. Finally, we arrive at the Sun Moon Lake Antique Assam Tea Factory to experience the simple life of the tea factory in the past. Here we witness the purity of tea, the purity of heart, and the joie de vivre of life.


Day 05

City Chapter

A former capital city with a history spanning centuries, a modern harbor city
A one-day tour of Taiwan’s centuries-old culture, past to present

The day’s tour takes you on a one-day tour of the two major cities in Southern Taiwan, the historic former capital city of Tainan and the harbor city of Kaohsiung, where you can experience the two cities’ distinctly different cultures across the centuries. Finally, enjoy the sea breeze on a yacht, taste Taiwan’s unique craft beer under a splendid golden sunset, and contemplate the splendor of past and present with the ripples of the waves.

Day 06

Journey’s End

Twists and Turns, Fulfilling End
The Memories of Travel are Truly One-of-a-kind

With the journey coming to an end, the recollections of various aspects of the trip, the twists and turns of the stories of Taiwan, and the momentum and motivation of life gained from the journey… is worth recalling again and again. At the end of the return trip, we will look back at the video highlights together, not only recalling the stories brought to the guests by the mountains, seas, countryside, and cities of Taiwan but also getting comfort and motivation of life through the many cherished and happy memories together.

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Taiwan tour, Travel Well

Savor the "Taste" of Taiwan

Classic Tastes of Taiwan

The tour includes a wide variety of Taiwanese cuisine, from indigenous restaurants offering distinct indigenous flavors, to the Michelin-starred Ding Tai Fung Soup Dumplings, as well as specialty Taiwanese cuisine in Tainan, known as the capital of food in Taiwan. In addition, the tour will also include creative Taiwanese dishes that combine creativity and aesthetics with traditional pastry to create a truly diverse “Tastes of Taiwan”.

Six Must-Visit Attractions in Taiwan

Six Must-Visit Attractions in Taiwan

We invite our guests to warm up for the rest of the trip, just like learning knowledge from the beginning to the end, to get to know the culture, folk customs and food in Taiwan. We will take you on a highlight tour to the National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, Din Tai Fung and other famous sightseeing spots. After a relaxing stroll and a tasty meal, relax and recharge for the rest of the exciting journey ahead.

Quality accommodation, Comfort and Safety First

Five-star hotels and cultural and creative hotels throughout your stay.

We offer the most comfortable and quality accommodation experience in Taiwan by arranging for our customers to stay in five-star hotels and the most trendy cultural and creative hotels.

Enjoy Taiwan

like never before!

Local revitalization tourism,
FUGUEI Peony Museum Sanyi Branch,
Kaohsiung Harbor Craft Beer Tasting

Traveling is no longer just a superficial visit to attractions on a bucket list, but an in-depth tour of Taiwan that allows travelers to create their own travel stories when they visit. By arranging a trip to Keelung’s north coast to experience local revitalization tourism, appreciating artworks and guzheng in the forest of FUGUEI Peony Museum Sanyi Branch in Sanyi, and cruising in Kaohsiung Harbor under the sunset with a glass of Taiwan’s specialty craft beer, we offer a unique way to travel in-depth in Taiwan besides the same old sightseeing spots.

Same Attraction, Different Experience

Let Taiwan Tour bring you the “Taste of Taiwan”

In addition to the must-visit scenic spots in Taiwan, our carefully crafted tour itineraries are more important, such as sipping premium coffee in Waimushan, listening to music in the mountains and enjoying the lush greenery and mountainscapes, and learning the history of Taiwanese tea in an unprecedented immersive experience. What’s more, what better place to enjoy the taste of Taiwan’s craft beer than a harborfront?

Your Best Travel Partner in Taiwan 

Travel in Taiwan and experience unrivalled “hospitality”

The theme of “books and learning” are embedded in the travel itinerary; walking tour guides accompany travelers throughout the journey, guiding travelers to learn together during the journey through Taiwan’s characteristics, humanities, history and local stories. When the guests return to the hotel after each day’s trip, they will receive a bookmark gift on the bedside of their room as a preamble and preview of the next day’s trip, which is like reading the captivating beginning, plot twist, and finale of a wonderful story. Travelers are not only invited to explore the mountains, seas, countryside, and cities of Taiwan, but also dive deep into the pages of the story called Taiwan. The six-day itinerary also arranges for a professional tour guide and accompanying photographer to capture the wonderful and precious memories of the trip.

Thoughtful arrangements by Taiwan Tour

Travel Guide

We invite local travel guides to become the accompanying guides of our customers, providing professional and thoughtful services, experiencing the human touch and hospitality of Taiwan, interpreting fascinating points of view of Taiwan, and integrating stories into the travel.

Bookmark Gift

In each night’s accommodation, the next day’s itinerary will be revealed through a travel story bookmark, which will be placed on the bedside of the room to convey the atmosphere of the theme of “Learning and Traveling.”

Group photography

Arrange photographers to follow up, record every wonderful moment during the trip, and edit it into a memory film on the last day, which will become the most memorable souvenir of the trip.

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